Women's Program

Woman BJJ class offered weekly Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:15

All levels are welcome!

Come and enjoy some training time with other ladies! Our goal is to build a community where women can learn in a positive, safe environment to help build confidence in their training. There are fundamental differences on mobility and the execution of technique for women grapplers. One goal is to share from the perspective of a woman what those differences are and how to overcome those challenges. The instructors will share specific skills they have found to work when rolling with other female competitors as well as techniques when rolling with larger or stronger male competitors. Whether this is your first time trying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or you have been training for years, we strive to have a competitive group of women working together to grow and become better BJJ practitioners. Regardless of your BJJ goals, the women's only class will be a great add on to your everyday training where you can work with other women to improve your technical game, get some quality rolling time, and learn in a supportive and positive environment.

Classes will include:

Gi and no-Gi classes, switching out periodically for a well-rounded BJJ
game and proficiency in both Gi & No-Gi

*Paying members of ABJJ will also enjoy 3 clinics/workshops a year.

Clinics/Workshops: 3x a year a clinic will run on Saturdays. Starting at 10:00 am.

June- Clinic

September - Clinic

February- Clinic

Workshops will be for 1.5 hours and will focus on specific parts of BJJ.
- Competitions 
- Self-Defense
- Building your cardio through BJJ
- Stand up game and takedowns