September 29, 2022

Community Update: RE OPENING MAY 18TH

We are extremely excited to send out this email to all of you. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you from the very bottom of our hearts for your continued support through these difficult times, it is a real testament to the strength of our community that we are so lucky to be a part of.Having the opportunity to re-open is a blessing.  During the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to close permanently.  Although hard times are not behind us, you can be sure that we will continue to work hard to adapt and overcome whatever the challenges come our way.One positive outcome of our school closure has been the evolution of our virtual class curriculum.  We are happy to announce that we will continue to offer our virtual classes using the Zoom platform for students that are out of town or just simply cannot make it to the school for one reason or another.  Due to all the positive feedback from you, in person classes will be streamed on the Zoom platform.Our goal is and has always been to create a healthy and safe environment for our students as well as our community.  With our re-opening, we will follow the guidance of federal and local officials.Space and class capacity: During the “Hunker Down Mandate”, we have been busy working on the school’s expansion…… we completed our renovation and added over 3000 sqft to our footprint, creating the “ABJJ STRIKING CENTER”.  Students will not need to register to save their spots.  We have plenty of room to have accommodate our regular class sizes.Reopening Guidelines: Effective May 18th

  • Stay at home if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness or fever.
  • Temperatures will be taken at the door by a Facility Coordinator before entering the premise.
  • Facility Coordinators will oversee escorting children to the hand washing station and then to their place on the mat.
  • Everyone will be required to sign a new waiver and questionnaire regarding your current health condition and travel history.
  • Classes will be shortened to allow for heightened cleaning procedures and sterilization as well as lack of sparring or Live Training.
  • Rash-guards must always be worn.
  • No visitors from other gyms or traveling guests.
  • No spectators during classes, children must be dropped off in their uniforms ready to train. They will not be using the locker rooms.
  • There will be no use of the water fountain, you must bring your own bottle of water or purchase one.
  • Facility coordinators will oversee dismissing the classes to avoid “bottle-necking” as you exit.

To better streamline the process, you are more than welcome to print and sign the waiver before you come to the gym.  We have attached the wavier and questionnaire to this email.ABJJ CLASS SCHEDULE 05182020ABJJ Supplemental COVID-19 WaiverReopening Guidlenes

ABJJ Zoom Schedule For 051820