September 29, 2022

Congratulations ABJJ Army (Alaska State No-Gi Championships 2014)

Great job ABJJ Army at the 2014 Alaska State Submission Grappling Tournament. ABJJ took 1st place again and has been since the tournament started in 2010. We are proud of all our students that came out to face the top grapplers in the state, our affiliate school Redemption MMA took 2nd place and Gracie Barra Alaska took 3rd place.Team Points ( Adult Division Only)ABJJ – 122 pointsRedemption MMA – 86 pointsGracie Barra Alaska – 50 points You can visit /akgrappling2014/m_tournament_main.jsp?page=SummarySchools.html for more details. You can also visit Alaska State BJJ Federation Facebook for more details and pictures of the event.