September 29, 2022

Congratulations ABJJ students, Promotions:

Stripes:White Belt 1st Stripe: Adam Advincula, Austin Broach, Brittany Caulkins, Caleb Kelly, Devin Schimpf, Devon Lierley, Elind Garcia, Hannah Martinez, Heidi Simpson, James Ressler, James Wiese, John Lamarsh, Robert Hutchins, Rodney Pucak, Rory Hamel, Stephen Forman, Track Palin, Tyler SatoWhite Belt 2nd Stripe: Dominic Fisk, Heather Beltz, Ken OsterkampWhite Belt 3rd Stripe: Aaron Showalter, Dmitry Surnin, Joseph Melton, Mandy Sparks, Tim GeiermannBlue Belt 2nd Stripe: Frank WattsThis is our first major promotion for the Wasilla location with 7 people getting stripes. At ABJJ we don’t hand out promotions easily or without thought, we take pride in knowing that you are training the correct way and not just looking for an easy belt.