July 11, 2023

Student Spotlight of the Month (June 2023) Husband - Wife Duo (Brandon and Melissa Viator)

Brandon Viator: I’ve been training BJJ for about 2 1/2 years. We started training at ABJJ because we were looking for something our entire family could practice and grow together. Besides BJJ, I like to enjoy all of the bounty that AK has to offer. In the day I’m a public servant. No favorite submission, still learning how to survive.

Melissa Viator: I’ve been training BJJ for less than 2 years at ABJJ. I was initially motivated to learn self-defense skills, but now I enjoy the sport of BJJ and the community of people brought to the mat. BJJ has become a lifestyle for our whole family. Besides BJJ, I enjoy any team sport or outdoor activity. I’m basically a big kid! I’m also a nursing student, so I will have to grow up eventually. My favorite submission is the bow and arrow, although I’ll take anything I can get and like it…a lot!